Applications Developer
Genia Kazymova

Genia Kazymova joined TRLN as an Applications Developer in April 2018. Genia received her Master’s Degree in Information Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2015. She came from the Environmental  Protection Agency (EPA) where she was an applications and database developer for the Adverse Outcome Pathways Wiki project. Prior to the EPA, Genia worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of North Carolina at Slavic and East European Resources at Davis Library. Genia is very excited to be back in the library environment and to have the opportunity to contribute her skills and experience to TRLN libraries.

Outside of her work, she enjoys reading books with her son. She also likes traveling, hiking and backpacking with her family in NC and beyond.

As  Applications Developer, Genia is primarily responsible for the development of the TRLN Discovery and TRLN Direct projects.