Electronic Resources Management Working Group


About this Working Group

The Electronic Resources Management Working Group (ERMWG) was formed in January 2019 after a consortial reorganization transformed all TRLN committees into working groups, resulting in the rebranding of the longstanding Electronic Resources Committee (ERC) which was founded in the early 2000s.

ERMWG performs licensing and various e-resource management duties for TRLN electronic resources deals, in addition to giving its members a place to engage in informal information sharing and troubleshooting sessions. ERMWG also stays abreast of developments in the field, looking for opportunities where cooperative action would benefit both TRLN member libraries and the larger electronic resources management community. 


Each separately administered library will appoint a licensing contact who can authorize their respective payments for jointly licensed resources.

Group mailing list: trln-ermwg@trln.org

  • Beth Ashmore, NC State University Libraries
  • Bethany Blankemeyer, Duke University Libraries
  • Beverly Charlot, NCCU Shepard Library
  • Maria Collins, NC State University Libraries
  • Yvonne Dittmar, Duke University Fuqua School of Business, Ford Library
  • Karen Grimwood, NCCU Shepard Library
  • Sarah Guy, NC State University Libraries
  • Megan Kilb, UNC-Chapel Hill University Libraries, Chair
  • Li Ma, Duke Medical Center Library
  • Virginia Martin, Duke University Libraries
  • Tessa Minchew, NC State University Libraries
  • Donna Nixon, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, Everett Library
  • Michelle Rodenburg, UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law, Everett Library
  • Xiaoyan Song, Duke University Libraries
  • Abigail Wickes, Duke University Libraries