TRLN seeks to support our member institutions’ work in inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility with project funding. Staff members at any TRLN library can apply for funding for a variety of projects that further their library’s and TRLN’s goals to establish or advance inclusion, diversity, equity, or accessibility efforts.

The Executive Committee has approved a total of $100,000 of funding, to be distributed across two years (two funding cycles per year). A total of $25,000 is available each round of funding. Although proposals will be invited on a semi-annual basis, funded projects may extend past or be scheduled outside of this timeframe, depending on scope and needs.

Example Projects

Below we provide example projects to inspire staff in generating ideas for proposals. This is not an exhaustive list. We encourage all staff to submit proposals even if the scope of the project or need for funding does not correspond to any of these example projects.

  • Invited speakers and hosting costs for events centered around an IDEA issue
  • IDEA training and professional development for individuals and groups
  • Accessibility evaluations, audits, and user testing
  • Digitize collections that center BIPOC communities and experiences
  • Translation costs
  • Purchasing collection materials or resources from or about BIPOC creators
  • Consultant services
  • Development of tools or processes for evaluating and improving recruitment and retention of BIPOC staff
  • Hosting exhibitions
  • Temporary position salaries and wages

Project Proposals

A successful proposal will be a collaboration between staff of at least two TRLN institutions or will have an impact on all four institutions. Proposals must specify how the project will advance inclusion, diversity, equity, or accessibility for staff, patrons, or the larger library.

Fall 2023 Timeline

October 2 : submission deadline
October 9 : funded projects announced


An important component of funding these projects will be assessing and communicating their impact to TRLN and the wider community. Although schedules and project completion will vary depending on the project, each one will be expected to provide a self-assessment of their project for TRLN leadership. Additional methods of evaluation and assessment can be developed and requested depending on the funded project.

Evaluation Criteria

The review committee will comprise up to five people appointed by the Advisory Council and representing at least three institutions.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Clarity of project goals and activities
  2. Achievability of goals
  3. Potential impact on inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility, for patrons, staff, or the library community at large
  4. Potential impact on inter-institutional collaboration

How to Submit a Proposal

Submit proposals in Word, PDF, or Google docs to including:

  1. Project title
  2. Primary submitter
    • Name
    • Title
    • Institution and library
    • Email address
  3. Project overview (300-500 words)
  4. How will this project advance inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility efforts?
  5. How will this project promote collaboration across TRLN institutions?
  6. What are the anticipated outcomes and outputs of the project?
  7. What is the anticipated timeline of the proposed project or activity, including any key milestones or deadlines?
  8. What is the project budget? How will funds be used?
  9. List the individuals (with their title, institution, and project role) who will participate directly in the project.


This project is inspired and informed by the work of UNC-Chapel Hill University Libraries’ IDEA Action grants program, and a draft of this proposal was shared with UNC-CH Libraries IDEA Action Committee and Library Leadership Team. The TRLN funding stream is different and separate from similar funding being offered by UNC Libraries.