TRLN’s collaborative activities are carried out by Working Groups, Interest Groups, and Steering Committees. For historical information about TRLN’s former programmatic councils (Collections, Human Resources, Services, and Technology), contact

Working Groups

Working Groups exist to develop, implement, or oversee a specific project or product related to TRLN’s work plan. They receive a formal charge from the Advisory Council that is reviewed on an annual basis.

New Working Groups may be proposed to the Advisory Council by the Executive Committee, an Interest Group member, a TRLN staff member, or an Advisory Council member as needs evolve. Find more details about Working Group expectations, membership, and resources.

Current Working Groups

Interest Groups

Interest Groups provide a forum for groups of individuals who want to explore a particular area of common interest, regardless of whether the topic is explicitly aligned with a TRLN priority area.

The desire to establish an Interest Group may be expressed by an individual or group of individuals within a member library or by a TRLN staff member. Proposals to establish an Interest Group are submitted via the Interest Group Proposal Form and will be reviewed and approved by the TRLN Advisory Council. Find more details about Interest Group expectations, membership, and resources.

Signature Events Steering Committees

Signature Event Steering Committees are small, multi-institutional groups that guide the planning and delivery of TRLN’s signature events. Committee membership is determined by the Executive Committee, with input from domain experts as needed.

Current Signature Events