Date Established

January 2019


The Resource Sharing Working Group is responsible for maintaining rapid and reliable interlibrary lending services to ensure member libraries’ patrons have access to the full scale and breadth of all TRLN collections. The working group oversees the TRLN Direct and TRLN Expedited ILL services according to the policies set out in the Memorandum of Understanding Concerning TRLN Interlibrary and Document Delivery Services.


Each TRLN library is entitled to one member on the working group.

Current Members

Jonathan Beeker, NCCU Law
Stacey Byrd, UNC-CH Law
Michael Edwards, NCSU Hill
Rachel Gordon, Duke Goodson
Chip GrawOzburn, UNC-CH Health Sciences Library
Geneva Holliday, UNC-CH Libraries
Andrea Loigman, Duke University Libraries
Maurice Parker, Duke University Libraries
Paula Robinson, Duke Ford
Vickie Spencer, NCCU Shepard
Sydney Thompson, NCSU Hunt, Chair
Louis Wiethe, Duke Medical Center

Working Group Documents and Resources (May include work plans, quarterly work reports, meeting minutes and other resources developed by this Working Group)

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