TRLN Discovery

TRLN Discovery Update for Q4 2019

Since the release of TRLN Discovery, we’ve been hard at work planning for how to maintain and build upon our work in a sustainable way. Currently, TRLN Discovery team members meet monthly to discuss issues in the backlog – prioritizing, refining, and moving them into sprints. In addition to remote monthly product owners and developer meetings, we hold an in-person quarterly meeting with all team members to discuss longer term priorities, big ideas, and process changes.

We’ve also recently formed a TRLN Discovery Metadata Team to inform development related to metadata. This team will be co-led by Jacob Shelby, Interim Lead Librarian for Metadata Technologies and Kelly Farrell, TRLN’s Program Officer. This team will have an initial kickoff meeting on December 13th.

Recent updates made to TRLN Discovery:

  • We made configuration changes to the shared Solr index to improve stability and performance.
  • Implemented alarms and recovery methods to better monitor Solr.

Upcoming TRLN Discovery Meetings: