New working group established to lead ReShare implementation

TRLN’s Executive Committee approved a recommendation made by the ReShare Evaluation Task Group to implement ReShare Returnables and form a working group to undertake this implementation. 

The ReShare Implementation Working Group (RIWG) will plan for, implement, coordinate training for, and document the ReShare Returnables product as used by TRLN. Additionally, they will coordinate sunsetting Relais D2D since it will be replaced by ReShare Returnables. Reach out to with any questions about this group or its work.


DukeAndrea Loigman, Head, Access and Delivery Services
Michael Edwards, Resource Sharing Librarian
Erin Nettifee, IT Business Analyst
NC CentralVickie Spencer, Head Circulation Librarian
Yan Wang, Systems Librarian
NC StateMia Partlow, Resource Sharing Librarian
Kristen Wilson, Discovery Systems Manager
UNC Chapel HillRenée Bosman, Government Information Librarian
Joe Moran, Systems Administrator
Ashleigh Donaldson, Borrowing Assistant
David Pierpont, Saturday and Carrels Supervisor
Jamie McGarty, Library Software Applications Developer
TRLNKelly Farrell, Program Officer (Project lead)
Genia Kazymova, Applications Developer
Members of the ReShare Implementation Working Group across TRLN.


Below is a high level timeline and a more detailed timeline is available within the group’s charge. The RIWG will complete the tasks outlined within to the best of their ability, but with an overall goal of implementing ReShare Returnables in May 2023.

July – August 2022Planning & DevelopmentRefinement of users stories for additional development of ReShare Returnables
Development of testing plan stand up testing environment
September – December 2022Testing & PlanningTesting and issue reporting begins
January – March 2023Testing & ImplementationDraft local documentation
Complete testing and stand up production environment
Develop TRLN support and sustainability plan
April – May 2023ImplementationEstablish TRLN Direct reporting with production data
Go live!
June – September 2023CleanupComplete local documentation
Establish TRLN ReShare user group
Timeline and tasks of ReShare Implementation Working Group.