Fall 2023 IDEA Funding Recipient

TRLN is excited to announce one recipient of the final round of IDEA funding: “Islamic and Persian Bookbinding Workshop with Yasmeen Khan”.

About the Project

Submitted by Erin Hammeke (Duke), “Islamic and Persian Bookbinding Workshop with Yasmeen Khan” will be a multi-day workshop on historic Islamic and Persian bookbindings taught by Yasmeen Khan, Head of Paper Conservation at the Library of Congress.

There are almost 100,000 books in Arabic and Persian languages held across TRLN libraries. This workshop will allow conservation staff to more competently care for collection materials from a wider range of geographic and cultural areas in the Islamic world.

The workshop will include lectures on Islamic bookbindings and their conservation. Students will produce an Islamic and/or Persian bookbinding historical model. The class will examine Islamic and Persian bookbindings from Duke’s Rubenstein Library collections to learn about their historic and cultural context.

Students will have a better sense of Islamic material culture and specific language for Islamic bindings. Having enhanced knowledge of Islamic and Persian bookbindings, including their unique structures, will allow staff to better care for these materials across the TRLN collections.

About IDEA Funding

TRLN seeks to support our member institutions’ work in inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility with project funding. Staff members at any TRLN library can apply for funding for a variety of projects that further their library’s and TRLN’s goals to establish or advance inclusion, diversity, equity, or accessibility efforts.

The Executive Committee approved a total of $100,000 of funding, to be distributed across two years (two funding cycles per year). Learn more about this funding.

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